Corporate Shareholder Dispute Settled By Bathgate, Wegener, & Wolf For $200,000,000

A group of Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf attorneys led by partners, Lawrence E. Bathgate, II, Esq., William J. Wolf, Esq., Dominic J. Aprile, Esq. and Ryan S. Malc, Esq., along with colleague Daniel J. Carbone, represented a shareholder in a family-owned private corporation dispute, which resulted in the sale of the company for a total consideration in excess of $200,000,000.00.  The firm’s clients realized more than of $65,000,000.00 in cash, in addition to 100% ownership of a real estate portfolio with a value of approximately $40,000,000.00.

Multi-Jurisdictional Estate Claim Settles For $50,000,000

A team of Bathgate, Wegener & Wolf attorneys, led by partners, Lawrence E. Bathgate, II, Dominic J. Aprile, Ryan S. Malc, and colleague Daniel J Carbone, represented (with other out-of-State firms) a resident of Monaco in a multi-jurisdictional estate claim.  The claim involved assets in New Jersey, Florida and Europe.  The case resulted in a settlement of almost $50,000,000.00 in cash to our client in December 2021.

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Oceanfront Property In Ortley Beach Sold To State of New Jersey

In December 2021, Lawrence E. Bathgate, II represented the ocean front property owner of the Joey Harrison Surf Club in Ortley Beach, Toms River, Ocean County, N.J. on the sale of the property to the State of New Jersey and the Township of Toms River.  The large ocean front property valued at more than $10,000,000.00 will be managed by the Township of Toms River and will be the first publicly owned oceanfront park purchased in more than thirty (30) years. The property will be preserved as public open space in perpetuity.

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Manasquan River Park Property Sold With Representation from Bathgate

In mid-2021, Lawrence E. Bathgate, II represented the property owner of a 145-acre vacant parcel of land in Monmouth County contiguous to the Manasquan River Reservoir Park in the sale of the property to the County of Monmouth for a sum in excess of $10,000,000.00.  The Manasquan River Reservoir is the largest park in terms of attendance of any County Park in Monmouth County.  The land will be preserved as public open space in perpetuity.

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medical malpractice settlement

Ocean County Medical Malpractice Attorney Wins Settlement

The Honorable Thomas E. O’Brien, P.J.Cv. (ret) of Ocean County, settled a medical malpractice case on February 2, 2022 for the sum of $350,000.00.  A doctor specializing in pediatric medicine while working at a hospital emergency room treated a 10-year old plaintiff for severe pain he was experiencing in his left hip as a result of being involved in a competitive wrestling match.

On the day of his injury, he arrived at the ER at approximately 5:00 p.m.  The defendant doctor examined him, took a history, and read a regular x-ray as “normal” and then discharged him at approximately 7:00 p.m. with a diagnosis “groin pain”.  The next day plaintiff’s pain was so bad that he consulted with his primary care doctor who immediately directed him to a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon.  The Ortho immediately diagnosed plaintiff with a “dislocated left help”.  The Ortho then reduced the dislocation after ordering and reading a more appropriate “frog leg” x-ray that led to him making the quick and correct diagnosis of “hip dislocation”. 

The plaintiff claimed that the improper diagnosis by the defendant and a 24 hour delay in receiving proper treatment caused him to suffer avascular necrosis in the left hip joint. The plaintiff endured several months of pain, PT, and wheelchair use before and enduring a second open surgery involving decompression of the left hip necrosis. A further consequence of the delay in treatment makes plaintiff, now 14, more subject to further necrosis for which he must be checked every 6 months and a possible candidate in the future for a “total hip replacement”.

The plaintiff’s medical expert opined that the defendant ER doctor deviated from the accepted standards of medical care imposed on an ER doctor.  It is interesting that even the defense expert ER doctor opined that the defendant misdiagnosed the injury, that the 24 hour delay caused plaintiff additional injury, a second surgery and future medical complications.  The defense expert only asserted that the plaintiff’s recovery was “good”.  There were no liens affecting this settlement.  The settlement now only needs to be approved at a “Friendly Hearing” by the court.

Judge O’Brien mediates all types of cases and would be most happy to help all litigants resolve their cases.

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motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accident in NJ Settled For $1,250,000

The Honorable Thomas E. O’Brien, P.J. Cv. (ret.) of Ocean County settled a motorcycle accident case on January 26, 2022 for $1.250,000.00.  Plaintiff suffered a left mid tibia displaced fracture of his left leg that was repaired with an open reduction internal fixation surgery. He also had four (4) toes on his left foot repaired with pins.  Repair of his left ankle open wound was partially effectuated after four (4) plastic surgeries. The ankle wound remains unhealed to this date since plaintiff is a diabetic. He also suffered a mildly displaced left clavicle fracture.  The 60-year old plaintiff handyman is now unable to work.

The liability portion of the case was originally in dispute, but a thorough review of the police report and traffic light sequencing revealed that while the defendant/operator did see two (2) green lights thinking he had the right-of-way, there was a controlling green left-turn arrow that had not activated hence giving the motorcycle operator the right-of-way.  So, when the defendant proceeded to make the left-hand turn through the intersection the motorcycle was unable to stop and crashed into defendant’s car with the plaintiff being thrown ten (10) feet into the air and on to the roadway.  Thankfully, plaintiff only suffered lower extremity injuries because he was wearing a helmet.

Defendant was insured with both a primary policy of $300,000.00 and an excess policy in the amount of $1,000,000.00.  The plaintiff’s settlement reflected his recovery for pain and suffering, loss wages of approximately $82,800.00 and medical expenses.  Medical expenses were incurred in the amount of $3,840,451.35.  However, plaintiff’s personal automobile insurer paid $250,000.00 in PIP benefits towards the medical expenses and after fee scheduling the remaining and outstanding medical expenses were reduced to $362,000.00.

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